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When Your Safe Jams

When you have a safe that you need to access often and it suddenly jams, this can cause you a great deal of panic. You might think that you’ll never be able to get inside of the safe again but this is not true. With the help of a locksmith, such as Portsmouth Mobile Locksmith, you’ll be back inside your safe in no time. Opening a safe takes skill and precision. This is something that our locksmiths are trained to acquire so that they can help customers with their safe needs. This seems like an odd service to offer but you’ll find that there are plenty of locksmith companies who offer safe opening services. This means that there is no need to panic. With one phone call, you can have your safe opened in no time by a professionally trained and qualified locksmith.

Why Your Safe Won’t Open

Perhaps you were just using your safe yesterday but today it won’t open there are several reasons why you might experience his problem.

Dead Batteries – You might be surprised to hear this but your safe might not open due to a dead battery. Sometimes, just by changing the existing batteries to new ones will fix the problem. Try using name brand batteries because off brand batteries tend to lose power quicker then brand named batteries. Even if your keypad is indicating that there is no problem, try this first. There might be adequate power coming from the battery to keep the keypad working but not enough to retract the bolt.

Bolt Work is Jammed – The bolt work can jam for many different reasons. When you listen to see if you can hear the bolt retracting and it won’t, this usually means that it is jammed. You can sometimes unjam the door by kicking the door. Don’t kick so hard that you puncture the door, just enough to loosen the bolt. You should also be careful so that you do not kick the keypad or handle of the door. After kicking the door, pull the door in the opposite direction and re-enter the code. This helps to relieve pressure on the bolt and will likely help the handle move easier.

Time Delay or Lockout Mode – If you have entered the code incorrectly on too many occasions, it will lock you out. Depending on your keypad, it will also transmit a series of beeps, which means you’ll have to wait 10 to 20 minutes before trying again. Your safe may also come with a time delay. If it does, you will have to wait until the time period expires before you can enter the code again.

Deactivated Codes- If you’re not able to access your safe, there is another possibility of your code being deactivated. Just because your code is deactivated doesn’t meant that someone else with access to the safe, code is deactivated. Try their code instead and then contact a locksmith to get a new code.

Damaged Wiring or Disconnected Wiring – Any electronic device can become disconnected or damaged. Try removing the keypad so that the wiring can be inspected to see if there are lose wires or wires that have been cut. If everything looks find, disconnect the wire attached to the keypad and remove its batteries. Wait for up to 20 minutes and then reinstall the batteries. After you return the batteries, you can then reconnect the wiring. When your wiring is damaged, you will have to contact a locksmith. You’ll have to tell them the exact type of keypad that you have so that they are able to bring one that they can install in its place.

Again, if these steps do not work, you’ll need to contact one of our locksmiths to get your safe open. When the safe will not open, you can count on a locksmith to effectively open it without damaging the contents inside.

Combination Safe’s that Won’t Open

There is no doubt about how beneficial a combination safe is. One that is not being properly maintained will prevent you from gaining access back into your safe. When you are having problems opening your combination safe, consider these possibilities.

Push & Pull – When you can enter the combination but you can’t actually turn the handle, this might indicate a problem with the bolts. They may be jammed or out of alignment. Turn the handle, while pulling out on the handle and use your other hand to push in on the door. This might help you to realign the lock and open the door again.

Hammer-Tapping – When your door is jammed, you can tap the edges of the safe on the opposite side of the door hinge, while you are opening the door. It might be possible to open it while applying pressure to the right areas of the safe.

Shift the Combination of Numbers – Combinations are easier to shift when you have an older lock or one that hasn’t been properly cared for. Our locksmiths have been successful in opening combination locks by subtracting one from every number until they have eventually subtracted five. Then they reverse this, adding one. This creates a new combination that may help to open the safe. If this is too complicated to comprehend, give us a call and we’ll be happy to handle this for you.

If there is a problem with your locking mechanism, it might be necessary to contact the manufacturer to find out if this is a common problem with this type of combination safe. If it is, it could be a manufacturer defect. This would save you time and effort because they might pay for the services of a locksmith to open it for you, or authorize that a new safe be offered to you in exchange for the damaged one. This is a good place to start once you’ve done all that you can do and before contacting a locksmith. Save yourself the headache by following our simple suggestions when you have a jammed safe.